Sea Ranch, where pristine wilderness meets the sea.

On a recent trip, we had the pleasure of visiting the northern coast of California in a pristine wilderness known as Sea Ranch. The mountains and the trees meet the ocean in this unique destination where the frigid waters compliment the brisk morning air.  One might say the ocean gets angry the further north you travel, while others might say it’s a place where the coast is still being shaped by the power of the sea.  Sea Ranch is a planned community which maintains a unique style of weathered nature themed homes nestled between the open spaces and the thick forest.  It’s common to see numerous animals wandering around through the properties grazing as close as a few feet from the homes and trails.  Friendly raccoons, deer, turkeys, bunnies and the occasional fox are just a few of the animal encounters you’ll find on land.  Wander down where the waves meet the beach and you’ll find sea lions with their pups, birds, and a plethora of sea creatures scurrying among the rocks.

From above you can see how the rocky shoreline meets the ocean with jagged cliffs and rough waves.  The community sprawls from the ocean back to the Coast highway which connects to the north at Gualala and to the south at Stewart’s point. A quick ten-minute drive to the north will bring you to Gualala Supermarket which has nearly everything you need for your cooking needs.  During the right season, you’ll also find outdoor BBQ, cherries, apples and many other fresh fruits and vegetables.

We certainly had a great time, check out the group aerial photo.

If you’re looking for quiet and brisk ocean view Sea Ranch has got you covered.  With around one-hundred homes to rent there is certain to be something that fits your needs. Check our Sea Ranch Rentals if you’re looking for a nice place to stay.

While on site we had the chance to shoot some cool video, as always please like and share with your Ohana and friends.