La Paz, Baja California Sur

Considered one of the most biologically active marine ecosystems in the world, La Paz has so much to offer. Located on the Mexican peninsula of Baja California, La Paz is the Capitol of the southern Baja state called Baja California Sur (BCS). Nestled in the bay of La Paz nearly one hundred miles north of Cabo San Lucas a popular vacation getaway, you’ll find an enchanting Mexican city bustling with about 200,000 residents. Nearly all commerce spans the vast sea of Cortez with ferries running daily between La Paz and Mazatlan.



Unlike Cabo, La Paz has a quiet authentic Mexican feel with lots of locals happy to see you but uninterested in taking your money or pursuing you for products and services.  As you walk along the boardwalk in La Paz you’ll enjoy a hassle-free stroll as you’re greeted by the locals and even the occasional friendly law enforcement officers.  The view from the boardwalk will afford you a breathtaking view of the Bay as it stretches from the La Paz peninsula back to the mainland of the Baja peninsula.  The main street Paseo Alvaro Obregon is full of great places to enjoy a coffee, ice cream, beer, wine and multiple tasty fruity drinks.

If you’re interested in running or cycling, La Paz is abundant with fitness-oriented locals that love to spend time enjoying the scenic views of the landscape. The last two years that we’ve visited there was a triathlon running with a massive turnout on such a gorgeous day.

Panoramic photo from the La Paz Costabaja Golf Course.

Below the surface, the marine life is an extraordinary smorgasbord of whales, whale sharks, dolphins, hammerheads, sea lions, porcupine fish, snappers, dorado and the list goes on and on. One of the attractions that La Paz is world renowned for is the sea lion colony on the island of Isla Espiritu Santo where divers and snorkelers are able to come within just a few feet of these energetic and excited sea lions.

A playful sea lion swimming.

We cannot recommend La Paz enough, it’s an amazing getaway in an enchanting city with so much to offer.  Please check out our friends at EdMar Diving School who will take your trip from ordinary to extraordinary.  They offer a full range of diving, snorkeling, kayaking, camping and an assortment of amazing land and sea adventures all specifically tailored to exceed your expectations.  Our friends Edgar and Maria are the most amazing people you’ll meet, they’re so full of excitement and incredible passion for sharing their love of the environment with everyone they encounter.

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